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Annex XVII: Substance restricted either in full (not to be used at all) or for specific uses (can be used in some uses, but cannot be used in identified uses). substances (reaCH annex XVII) reduce the use of sVHC (substances of Very High Concern) Communicate sVHC information through the supply chain when the quantity of a svhc on thE CAndidAtE LiSt iS > 0.1% in thE article If requested, eu companies are required to provide information on sVHC in their articles to consumers within 45 days (free of charge). REACH – SVHC list & Annex XVII Compliance Statement File: Schaffner REACH Declaration 20180228 .doc Doc.No.: 090119007 Substance name CAS number EC number Involved in our supply chain Lead hydrogen arsenate 7784-40-9 232-064-2 <1000 ppm Triethyl arsenate 15606-95-8 427-700-2 <1000 ppm REACH SVHC testing and screening service – Eurofins | BLC test for the presence of the latest published SVHC list Annex XVII testing for legal compliance – applicable to articles sold & manufactured within Europe REACH – SVHC list & Annex XVII Compliance Statement File: Schaffner REACH Declaration 20210322.doc Doc.No.: 090119007 REACH Declaration Regarding SVHC list and Annex XVII Schaffner hereby declares that the product portfolio we provide to the market is compliant to the REACH SVHC list of regulation (EC).NO 1907/2006, (see table 1-11). Title: Microsoft Word - TEG_REACH_SVHC_AnnexXIV_XVII_RoHS_Confirmation_July_2020_draft.docx Author: EE2673 Created Date: 7/29/2020 8:10:49 AM and manufactured in compliance with the EU REACH Regulation with respect to Annex XVII. ECHA SVHC ANNEX XVII LIST No. Substance name CAS number EC Number 1 Polychlorinated terphenyls (PCT) - - 2 Chloro-1-ethylene (monomer vinyl chloride) 75-01-4 200-831-0 3 Liquid substances or preparations, which are regarded as dangerous according to the Annex XVII restricted substances or Annex XIV substances subject to authorization contained in Maxim products and packaging.

Svhc annex xvii

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This certificate is to certify that the above product(s) manufactured by Cinch Connectivity Solutions do not contain any of the REACH Substances of Very High Member States or the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), on request of the European Commission, may propose a substance to be identified as an SVHC by preparing a dossier in accordance with the requirements set out in Annex XV to REACH. EU REACH Annex XVII: Amendment of phthalate restriction published DEcember 2018- Relevant for: electrical & electronics, hardlines, softlines, toys & children's products. On 18 December 2018, the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) published a Regulation (EU) 2018/2005 1, amended the REACH Annex XVII entry 51 of phthalates restriction. REACH Annex XVII sets restrictions by limiting the use or presence of substances in certain articles or banning all the uses. Suppliers should ensure the presence of the restricted substances shall not exceed the threshold limits specified in the RSL. >>Some restricted substances are on the SVHC candidate list.

REACH , RoHS and ENVIRONMENTAL policy for Gislaved

The list of restricted substances is often referred to as REACH annex XVII. As of 19th June 2017, up to 65 valid entries exist on the REACH Annex XVII.

Svhc annex xvii

REACH för varor -

On July 7 ECHA Approves Amendment of Annex XVII List of Restriction Introducing PFOA. On June  accordance with Article 5 and Annex VI, Member States shall assess, when Annex. XVII - Restrictions on Certain (SVHC) for Authorisation.

Annex XVII: Substance restricted either in full (not to be used at all) or for specific uses (can be used in some uses, but cannot be used in identified uses).
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Se hela listan på REACH Annex XVII: REACH Restricted Substance List 2021. Little Pro on 2015-12-30 Views: . The Annex XVII of REACH regulation contains the list of restrictions of certain hazardous substances, mixtures and articles for their marketing and use on the European market. REACH testing identifies restricted substances in products retailed, manufactured, imported or distributed within the European Union.

services provider for reach svhc and reach restricted substances list (annex xvii ). SVHC ,“Substance of Very High Concern”, refers to any substance that has  SVHC/ properities additive/agent/precusors.
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Substances restricted under REACH The table below is the Annex XVII to REACH and includes all the restrictions adopted in the framework of REACH and the previous legislation, Directive 76/769/EEC.