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They are working harder now.. We often use than with comparative adverbs:. I forget things more often than I used to. Girls usually work harder than boys..

Fair comparative word

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7 Apr 2021 He visits us fairly regularly these days. Warning: Don't confuse the adjective fair with the adverb fairly: I think it will be very  Example sentences with the word fair. Most blind people are aided by the sense of sound, so that a fair comparison is hard to make, except with other  Learn Fare vs Fair comparison and prepare with BYJU's. Fair and fare are a common pair of homophones (words that sound similar but have different  We can use comparative adverbs to show change or make comparisons: I forget things more often We use these words and phrases as intensifiers with comparatives: much, far, a lot, quite a lot. a great deal, a good deal, a good bit, a f 21 Apr 2010 First, this is called suppletion (or suppletive forms) when a word has 'pretty, beautiful' (whence [i[]fair[/i]), f gre 'pleasantly, beautifully'). list of comparative superlative and adjectives from A to Z. Learning English fair.

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Comparatives (with Examples) A comparative is the form of adjective or adverb used to compare two things. Examples of Comparatives Here are some examples of comparatives (comparatives shaded): Mark is taller. (taller = comparative of the adjective tall) Mark listens more attentively these days.

Fair comparative word

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Paul is the tallest boy in the neighborhood. Task No. 1025.

relative adj. comparative adj. fairly adv.
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Click Share to make it public. Adverbs frequently used with fair. absolutely, completely, entirely, perfectly, scrupulously, very. 2. reasonable and morally right.

Comparison : elementary and intermediate level exercises.
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